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Healing Energy & Massage Services
This Massage is combined with Energy Medicine.  Diane's massages are not just meant to relax and de-stress, but to help restore and heal. She also performs energy work to help draw together the mind, body, and Universal Consciousness. She uses aromatherapy works on a sensory level to foster overall wellness.

  $100- 90 Min   $75- 60 Min.   (Cash prices Payment required at time of service)
 Insurance Preferred Provider with Cigna, Aetna, and Group Health
Auto Accident and Work Injury
No Discount for Travel Massage- $100 per Hour
At Healing Energy & Massage, we connect the logical thinking, the emotions, and physical bodies with the Universal Consciousness. Knowing the key to healing the planet starts within the individual healing.
The therapist uses stones that was asked at harvest if they wanted to be at service. They are honored as the live beings that they are. Have you ever collected stones? This massage will give you a new relationship with your stones and see how the Universal Consciousness that is within those stones have been helping you stay healthy. It is a physical way for the energy from the emotional or mental, to release in a healthy way instead of holding it in the body. These stones, help transmute that energy into the warmth of the love from the stones. They are there to help you ground and connect the body to the planet Earth. NOTE- HOT STONES APPOINTMENT CAN NOT BE BACK TO BACK APPOINTMENTS.
 **Not recommended for Pregnant women or people with heart problems.
***Very important to be well hydrated before massage to receive best results

$140 Payment required at time of service
This is a combination of many Healing Energy modalities, breathe work and intuition that are use to help clear you of your energetic blocks that you might or might not be aware of.  That subconscious mind takes on fear, worries and doubts from life moments that happen around us,  these things can be cleared or balanced so that you can continue your journey with more clarity.  This is great for people that are having many challenges in their lives, chronic illnesses or pain,  people who are clumsy or accident prone.  
She also offers an aromatherapy treatment  that is meant to decrease stress, increase immune, decrease inflammation, allowing the body to start a healing process.

$100/ 90 min    $75/ 60 Min
*Discount are available for Seniors and Disabled.  If you have any question about services or product,  please don't hesitate to contact Diane. Please make sure to leave a message because Diane may be with a client.  Thank you!

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