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About Healing Energy & Massage
Diane Marie,LMT, is an Inner Wisdom Coach as well as an energy healing massage therapist. This involves helping people see their inner wisdom when experiencing physical pain and discomfort, mental health issues, chronic illnesses, body dysphoria, and even cancer.
She helps people with their feelings of helplessness and hopelessness by giving them another way of looking at the issues that are stored in the tissues. She helps release energetic blockages and give people the tools to take back their power from their ailment, so they can heal or bring light to the root cause and start the healing process.
This is a multidimensional process, which means we can go back throughout time and change the ancestors or lifetime of the experience that created the ailment. Time is connected to our emotions. Working across all time, dimension, space, and reality allows us to uncreate stored issues and reprogram them into a healed state.​ 

Diane Marie (Garris), LMT has been practicing a variety of energy medicine tools and modalities since 2002. Practicing Massage Therapy since 2007 and the combination of massage and energy healing tools since 2013. Diane's driving force was to create a way to bridge the gap between western medicine and holistic care. Western medicine has its place, holistic care has its place but both of these modalities are physical base and there is an innate magic that the body holds. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves when given the proper environment. Understanding how stress can cause dis-ease in the body.

Diane has a passion working with kids. She started this journey in 2002 when her 2 year old child was diagnosed with a incurable debilitating disease, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. She met her first healer named Dr. Gary Holz, who was an immunologist and energy healer, studied energy medicine in the Australian Outback, curing his own disease, multiple sclerosis. Diane's child, went 2 weeks without pain with one session with Dr. Gary. This experience made Diane open her eyes to a whole other way our bodies work. At one point, Diane found out her kid was empathic and taking on pain from all that they loved. Something Western medicine cannot help with. Diane realized that the only way to help her kid was to learn about her own energy and pain. We cannot expect our children to do something different if we aren't willing to change ourselves. Actions speak louder than any words.

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