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Healing Energy & Massage

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The Works: 
    Hands-on bodywork and muscle manipulation, vibrational healing, gemstone healing, aromatherapy, deep tissue if needed, and Chinese Cupping. $150/hour

Crystal and Gemstone & Energy Vibrational Healing
    Incorporates a variety of tools including direct energy healing from singing bowls, tuning forks, gemstone alignment and The Plant Wave music from live plants. $125/hour

Aromatherapy and Energy Healing
    Using a combination of essential oils that help promote relaxation, boost your immune system, and decrease inflammation throughout the body to create balancing and promote homeostasis. $130/hour

Bodywork with Deep Tissue
    Hyper-focused on treating specific areas through deep muscle manipulation, bringing increased blood flow and circulation. $140/hour

Cupping and Energy Healing
    Using Chinese Cups to help with increased energy flow and improving circulation. $60/30 minutes