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Healing Energy & Massage was recently nominated for the King 5 Best of Western Washington. Diane Garris, LMP was voted 12th out of over 300 nominees.  Thank you to all that voted!

I am closing Healing Energy & Massage as a Sole Proprietorship and opening up 
Healing Energy & Massage, LLC in October 2016

I will be adding a great deal of services to my  business including long distance work, through the telephone or Skype.  I will be offering webinars, retreats and high vibrational classes helping all that attend to release those old emotional  traits that hold us back from our true potential.  I will still be offer Massage and Energy work, just adding a great deal of other things.

Yes, this does mean my prices will go up, but not till the beginning of the year, for October through December I will practicing the details of my work.   If you come and get work from me know I will be offering more tools and give you opportunity to sharpen and clean up the tools you already have.  I believe the body is self healing.  Through my own healing I have be a witness to many miracles as a results, just by allowing the shifts and changes to happen.  

Since my separation with my ex, I have been able to focus more on myself and creating my world and watching my dreams manifest themselves.  I feel like I can share these techniques with the world.  I have always loved what I do, but now it is time to share it on a larger scale.


1st Wellness Clinic
3503 188th St SW, 
2nd Floor
Lynnwood 98036