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About Diane Garris, LMP
Diane Garris has been a massage therapist since 2007 and working with many types of energy medicine modalities since 2002. Over the years she has discovered using the science of energy can be a huge tool and catalyst for our own healing from the inside out. She has been told she has magic hands, because they seem to go exactly where the pain is and tells you the emotional attachment, giving you a visualization to help shift the stories that is created causing physical pain. We are all energy and energy all around us, it can depletes us, it fills us up and it can also balance us but you need to identify the connection.  Diane give you tools you can use on an everyday basis or even bring your awareness to things you already do and didn't realize.  Intention is the key to energy.  You can't start a car until the energy from the key connects with the ignition.  

Since July of 2016, she has been learning more tools and how to use her tools more efficiently.  Now her abilities can help you shift throughout all of time, space, dimension and reality.

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News and Reviews for Healing Energy Massage

"Diane gives 110% to whatever she does! Her trustworthiness and integrity are beyond reproach."  Robbie Holz, International Speaker, Author, Holistic Consultant-  Edmonds, WA
"Hour and a half essential oil massage, followed by powerful affirming words spoken over me and into my life. Can't get much better! Diane Williams-Garris, you are magical!"​ - Amber D. Everett, WA
"I have been going to Diane for years and I love her massages. She has many unique abilities including being able to tailor the massage for what the person wants and needs each time. She is the only person I have found that gives an awesome hot stone massage. Incorporating energy work and aromatherapy are other added benefits she offers. I have not found anyone else like her and feel spoiled that I have found someone that incorporates so many holistic approaches. I always leave a session feeling 'blissed out'"-  Laurie H. Edmonds, WA 

I will be adding a great deal of services to my  business including long distance work, through the telephone or Skype.  I will be offering webinars, retreats and high vibrational classes helping all that attend to release those old emotional  traits that hold us back from our true potential.  I will still be offer Massage and Energy work, just adding a great deal of other things.

Yes, this does mean my prices will go up, but not till the beginning of the year, for October through December I will practicing the details of my work.   If you come and get work from me know I will be offering more tools and give you opportunity to sharpen and clean up the tools you already have.  I believe the body is self healing.  Through my own healing I have be a witness to many miracles as a results, just by allowing the shifts and changes to happen.  

Since my separation with my ex, I have been able to focus more on myself and creating my world and watching my dreams manifest themselves.  I feel like I can share these techniques with the world.  I have always loved what I do, but now it is time to share it on a larger scale.